Who needs first aid & CPR training?

Everyone covered under WSIB requires first aid & CPR training. The level of training will vary depending on the size of your workplace as well as your profession. However, if you require first aid & CPR we will have a course to get you certified.

Selecting a Course for Work

WSIB Regulation 1101 states that workplaces with...

  • 5 or fewer workers on any one shift,  require a worker with an Emergency First Aid certificate on site at all times, allowing for employee sick days, holidays and staff turnover
  • 6 or more workers on any shift, require a worker with a Standard First Aid certificate on site at all times, allowing for employee sick days, holidays and staff turnover.  

Employers must ensure that first aid stations are under the care of a worker with a valid first aid certificate at all times when work is in progress. Employers with more than one shift require first aiders for each shift. Having multiple trained first aiders is recommended to ensure compliance when a first aider is away from work ill or on vacation.

Employers with large workplaces need to have multiple trained first aiders. It is recommended that a first aider should be able to reach an injured or ill worker within a two minute walk (based on information that brain damage starts after about 4 minutes of no oxygen). Employers should conduct an assessment of their workplace to determine how long it would take for a first aider to attend to an injured or ill coworker. 

  • The expense of first aid equipment and services is the responsibility of the employer
  • First aid equipment must be inspected at least quarterly
  • First aid stations must be easily accessible and near a worker who has a valid first aid certificate from a WSIB-recognized training organization
  • Employers must post the first aid poster (Form 82), first aid certificates, and kit inspection card
  • Employers must keep detailed records of all incidents and first aid treatment given

If you are still unsure of which certification you require, please do not hesitate to contact us directly!