"Great location and environment for learning. I enjoyed this course much more than the previous course taken with another training organization!"  
--  M. Currie, Automated Machinery Design Inc.

"Joanne was an excellent instructor. She is very clear, concise and thorough. I learned more from her class than I had learned in previous first aid classes with other training organizations."  --  T. Cunningham , Lawlor Therapy

"Great course, great instructor! Better than the previous first aid/ CPR course taken with another training organization."  
J. Hodgson , Court Galvanizing

"Very educational, informative and helpful information learned. I feel well prepared to deal with emergencies if they should occur."  
--  T. Renon, Snapedge Canada Ltd.

"The instructor was very knowledgable and enthusiastic. As a daycare worker I feel much more confident that I can handle emergencies if they arise. Thank you for a fantastic and enjoyable course!" 
--  L. Millar, Home Day care Provider

"I really enjoyed this course. It was fun and exciting. I've learned a lot… and the time just flew! Thanks!"  --  K. Polner, Kids and Company Daycare

"The course content was very thorough and well instructed. I enjoyed the course presentation and found it easy to follow. The instructor also made the course fun and enjoyable!"  
--  M.Kirkonan, Fitness Coordinator, Sunlife

"The instructor's knowledge was impressive and extensive. Her presentation was very good!"  
--  S. Mitchell


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