Why Choose Save-A-Life?

We care.

Every year we receive numerous calls from students of ours that have had to put their skills to the test and have saved lives in the process. Receiving these calls is our driving force and what  inspires us to provide the best possible training and experience for those taking our course. Whether you require certification for work, school, or personal interest we want you to walk out of our classroom with the confidence to be able to use the skills we teach in a real-life situation.

We tailor the experience to the individual.

We realize that no two people learn the same way and place a huge emphasis on recognizing and catering to different learning styles. We like to make our training as interactive as possible while making sure we maintain a good balance of various teaching techniques. 

We ensure confidence.

Knowing how to perform life saving skills such as CPR is one thing. Being able to apply those skills in an emergency situation is another. We make it our primary objective when providing training to make sure every single participant is confident in being able to perform the skills we teach them before moving on to the next subject or skill. We encourage our participants to actively participate in discussions as well as bring up any questions to ensure we address every aspect of the process - leaving no question un-answered.  

We want you to be able to Save-A-Life.

It's not just the name of our organization. It's also our single most important objective. We are driven by the fact that we get to teach individuals how to save lives on a daily basis because medical emergencies come without warning. We really do want you to "Learn how to Save-A-Life today" because you may need these life saving skills tomorrow. 

We only use the best equipment.

Save-A-Life First Aid/CPR is a Training Partner with the Canadian Red Cross. We deliver both public and private first aid & CPR courses on evenings, weekends and weekdays. Train in comfort at our spacious training facility located at 1245 Franklin Blvd, only seconds away from Highway 401. Every participant is provided with a kneeling pad for skill demonstrations as well as gloves and a face shield. We provide snacks as well as coffee and tea for participants to help themselves to throughout the course. 

We offer private training for groups of 10 or more onsite at your location or at our training facility. Private courses can be customized to meet the specific needs of your group. All courses are WSIB and OSHAS accredited and meet the most current first aid & CPR/AED guidelines. 

Prestan Manikins


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