Blended Learning: The Future of First Aid Training is Here

"I'm taking a First Aid course next week..." 

These words can make you yawn immediately if you have ever taken a First Aid training course and spent two full days in a classroom with an instructor lecturing. This is why we have introduced Blended Learning - an innovative and interactive approach to offering First Aid training. 

blended learning.png

What is Blended Learning?

1/2 online. 1/2 in-class. Blended Learning is different from a traditional course delivery in that participants complete online training modules before attending a shortened in-class session.The in-class session is where we go over the knowledge gained online and demonstrate the required skills. 

This not only cuts down time spent in a classroom but also offers added convenience and scheduling options for participants. The class is also much more interactive than a normal course. It is more of a discussion between the instructor and participants. This is why we have quickly adopted this training method and implemented it.

As of January 1st 2018, we will be offering 100% of our full-certification courses via Blended Learning (recertification courses will still be in-class).

Class Time Comparison (Traditional In-Class vs. Blended Learning)

Standard First Aid & CPR
Emergency First Aid & CPR

Traditional In-Class Time

16 hours
8 hours
6-8 hours

Blended Learning Class Time

7-8 hours
4 hours
3-4 hours


Benefits of Blended Learning

  1. More personalized experience - Each participant completes the training modules at their own pace.
  2. Individual progress - Since the modules are self-paced participants can progress as they feel ready. In opposition to moving at the pace of the instructor in-class. 
  3. Improved engagement  - Because participants are knowledgeable when entering the in-class session they are more open to discussion and answering questions. Further solidifying understanding of the material. 
  4. Accessibility options - The online training offers accessibility options for visual and hearing impairments. 
  5. More interesting - When participants are up and moving around performing skills and completing activities they are more engaged. Thus, they retain more information. 

Don't just take our word for it. Hear what some of our recert customers have to say about Blended Learning...

"Great course, loved the blended learning option. Great for my busy schedule."
- Colleen, Cambridge
"Good presentation skills from the trainer. Method of delivering topics are various and a lot participants' involvement are included. It was a great learning experience."
- Robert, Kitchener
"The online self-learning module was very thorough and forced understanding (rather than listening to someone present in class)."
- Company Feedback, Private Training in Kitchener
"Loved the blended course and the trainers were great. The class was very engaging. Tyler was an amazing instructor, very well spoken and a natural teacher."
- Amanda, Waterloo