In-class courses are our traditional instructor-led delivery method in which participants learn from one of our Red Cross Certified instructors. Although the course is led by the instructor, we strive to make each class as interactive as possible to promote active learning. We strongly believe that when our participants are engaged in the class there is better retention of the material and increased confidence in their training. 

Certifications Offered In-class:

Levels Offered (For each certification):


Adult choking & CPR skills only. 

Adult, child, baby choking & CPR skills. 

Health Care Provider. Includes level C choking & CPR skills. 


Offered for SFA and CPR certifications. Participants with a current (non-expired) SFA certificate may recertify once before taking the full course again. Participants with a current (non-expired) CPR certificate may recertify continually. Once a certificate is expired, participants will be required to take the full course again. No exceptions will be granted. Recertification not offered for EFA.  More info...

Knowledge and Skill Objectives

Participants must complete all skill and knowledge requirements for successful completion of the course. 100% attendance and minimum 75% passing grade on final exam required for successful completion and certification.

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