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NEW! Host a Save-A-Life CPR Party

Gather your closest friends and family for a one-night crash course on how to perform CPR as well as other important lifesaving skills. This is not your typical in class, run-of-the-mill first aid and CPR course. A CPR party is hosted in your own home or wherever you may choose. Feel like training at the park down the road from your house? We'll meet you there. We come to you and run you through the most important aspects of being able to save a life. This is meant to be a fun and cost effective alternative to taking a certification course. 

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The host receives a free home first aid kit! 

As a thank you for setting up this gathering, we will provide the hosts of the party with a free home first aid kit at no additional cost. OR, as a fun alternative we can play a game for who will take the kit home. 

The more you invite, the more you save!

We encourage you to invite as many people as you can fit in to your home to learn this extremely important lifesaving skill. Bring the kids. Invite your neighbours. Even your in-laws! We want everyone to know how to perform CPR should they be presented with a situation requiring it.  CPR can be performed by anyone and you never know when you will have to use it as cardiac arrest gives no warning. We charge an upfront fee and no per-person cost so the more people you have attend, the cheaper it is for everyone.